Brazil has the biggest population and the highest number of internet users in Latin America. The country offers a huge target market for online businesses. Businesses need to effectively target those users of the Brazilian internet and link building is one of the best ways of doing that.

ComScore World Metrix figures show that at the end of 2020, Brazil had the second highest percentage of Twitter users in the world. ComScore figures also show that Brazil’s internet usage is growing by 27% year on year.

Internet World Stats reveal that, at the end of December 2022, the population of Brazil was 215.7 million of whom 178 million, or 83% of the population, were internet users, and 177 million used Facebook.

To make Brazilian internet users aware of goods and services being offered to them, it is essential that a website is prominent in Brazilian search engine results. One of the tried and tested ways to improve results is to undertake a targeted link building campaign.

However, good link building is a skilled, complex and time-consuming undertaking, and website owners often employ the services of a professional expert who specializes in Brazilian link building.

The value of using a professional comes from the type of links that the professional will build. Professional link builders no longer concentrate solely on building links by directory submission and direct link requests.

They also take into account the ever-increasing importance of guest posting, and other sources of good links such as relevant blogs.

The statistics revealed above show beyond any doubt the huge potential in using social networks for link building. Not only do these networks provide an excellent source of good links, they also open up a whole new target area for online marketing.

A professional service will be equipped with the skill and the knowledge to get the most exposure from search results on the Brazilian internet and link building that works. This service is helpful in your Brazilian seo (search engine optimization) efforts.

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