The phenomenal uptake in internet usage has opened world markets to website owners. They can now market their services and products virtually anywhere. The problem for every owner is in making internet users aware that their website exists.

Being ranked highly in search engine results is critical in establishing visibility for any website. Figures from comScore World Metrix indicate that 93% of Turkish internet users carried out Google searches in 2020.

The art of search engine optimization (SEO) is geared at pushing websites up the search engine rankings.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building, and the need to specifically target individual markets is of supreme importance. Website owners wanting to attract business from Turkey will need to focus SEO on the Turkish internet and link building needs to be relevant to that country.

The important role that link building plays in generating traffic to a website has long been recognized. Without plenty of high value links pointing to a website, that website is unlikely to do well in search engine results.

Many website owners mistakenly think that the number of links pointing to their site is an important factor. The truth is that it is the quality rather than the quantity of inbound links that is critical.

Being able to identify quality links and target them is a skill that a professional Turkish guest posting expert can bring to an SEO campaign.

Many online businesses, especially the smaller ones, will not have the skills or experience to conduct a worthwhile link building exercise. Link building on today’s internet has to cover more than directory submission.

It is equally important to build links on blogs and social networking sites. The Turkish internet offers an enormous market place to website owners. Internet World Stats show that there were almost 72 million Turkish internet users in June 2022.

The same company reveals that there were 72 million Turkish Facebook accounts at the end of September 2022. From these figures, the importance of the Turkish internet and link building targeted at its users should be clear.

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