Using the internet is one of the best ways of marketing a business these days. You get more customers than using the traditional yellow pages. For those targeting the Dutch market, it would be crucial to consider using a professional specialising in Dutch internet and link building.

ComScore Media Matrix data released in May 2022 showed that the Dutch were the people who are using the internet the most in Europe. This is good news for those targeting this online market for getting business.

But in order to be at the top of your competitors, it would be crucial to use good link building methods for your website. Guest posting in the Netherlands will make your website get a lot of visitors who are relevant to the services that you offer.

A specialist in Dutch link building understands the complexities of search engine optimisation (SEO). It is always important to get high quality links to your site in order to get good rankings on any search engine. Every business is looking for this.

As indicated, Dutch internet statistics are quite encouraging for those targeting this market. According to Internet World Stats, over 16 million people used the internet in Netherlands in 2022 which was 95.3% of the population.

And ComScore October 2022 data shows that the country was second in monthly internet usage with individuals spending an average of 92.8 hours on the internet monthly. 83% of the internet users were actively using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Hyves.

The Netherlands has the highest penetration of two social networking sites LinkedIn and Twitter in the world. ComScore also indicated that every two out of three internet users were accessing online banking services in 2020 accounting for about 66% of all internet users.

With such impressive statistics, more businesses will be looking for an edge in the Dutch online market. The secret here is to use a reputable Dutch link building expert. This service is helpful in your Dutch seo (search engine optimization) efforts.

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